Pallet racking labels are a cost-effective solution to location labelling in order to keep warehouses well organised and operating to maximum efficiently. They eliminate picking errors and speed up operator productivity as well as providing the basis for improved inventory management.

So how do you pick the best pallet racking labels for your warehouse?

Here are six tips for selecting the best pallet racking labels for you:

  1. It’s key that your pallet racking labels will properly adhere to the racking’s surface. Request a sample for testing.
  2. They need to be durable enough to withstand general wear and tear. Again, ask for a sample of a label to thoroughly check.
  3. The print quality, especially for the barcode is important. If the barcode is not sharp it can cause scanning errors and therefore reduce efficiency. Get a printed label sample to check and test through your system.
  4. Make sure the text and/or barcodes on your pallet racking labels is large enough to be seen from the operational distance that will be required and is in a font that is easy to read. Request a printed proof copy that you can check in situ.
  5. Using arrows is helpful when identifying exactly what rack level the label is referencing. Make sure the label provider can match any layout requirement that you have.
  6. Use different colour schemes for easy identification of the purpose of each label type/section of label. Check that adding colour to your labels doesn’t impact on their price.

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