We can layout your location labels in any way that you want. We offer a full design service included as part of the price for the labels. There are some common layouts, a few are highlighted above, but it is totally up to you what your labels look like so you can pick a bespoke option that is best suited for your site(s).

We have a large selection of standard sizes, listed below, so all that you need to do is match a size to fit your design. Of course the label must also be sized so it fits in the available space on the racking. If you have a lot of data you will need a longer label so that all the data will fit on the label.

Standard label sizes:-

  • 35mm x 185mm
  • 40mm x 190mm
  • 40mm x 265mm
  • 44mm x 242mm
  • 45mm x 220mm
  • 45mm x 364mm
  • 50mm x 190mm
  • 50mm x 235mm
  • 52mm x 250mm
  • 55mm x 290mm
  • 60mm x 200mm
  • 69mm x 349mm
  • 70mm x 180mm
  • 70mm x 250mm
  • 70mm x 295mm

We can provide other sizes on request, so if none of the above fit your application please let us know what size you need and we can sort out a quotation for you.

Once you have decided on your label size and design type and placed your order we will send over a PDF proof of your label for you to approve before printing. This will be to size so you can print out and test the barcodes for scanning and make sure everything works with your system.

We can also send you a material sample so you can see the quality of the labels that we provide. This will be a generic sample, if you wanted to see your exact label then we could do this but it would incur a considerable cost, please ask if this is a necessity.

To summarise, whatever the design you need for your label we will be able to provide it for you.

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We look forward to being of assistance.