Why should you label the pallet/product locations in your warehouse?

Unlabelled warehouses can have stacks of palleted, boxed or even loose products stored in a disorganised manner which will only result in time consuming and open to error picking of products.
Labelling the locations in the warehouse and implementing a system of inventory control will all but eliminate this problem by making sure products locations are quickly identified and managed through the next stage of the process.

Having racks properly labelled in the warehouse greatly reduces errors that can occur through manual inventory tracking and recording. Pallet racking labels also improve the efficiency and productivity of operators as they can more easily locate the right locations for shipments and restocking.

Pallet racking labels are easy to install, which makes the labelling process quick and efficient. Good labels are clearly legible or scanned and easy to replace if required.

In summary, warehouse racking that is properly labelled will reduce picking errors saving both time and money in the long run, thus increasing the overall efficiency of your warehouse.

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