Simply put as an Excel spreadsheet.

We can print any combination of data on you labels, text, barcodes and arrows. All we need is that data.

So how do I set my spreadsheet up? Each separate piece of location data needs to be in it’s own cell. And set out in columns in the order you want them printing.

Each different type of data: text, barcodes, arrows etc need to be in a separate column.

This way each row has all the data for one label. The number or rows (less one for the column headers) will equal the number of labels required.

You can have as many, or as few locations as you need and as many or as few different types of data on your labels. If all you want is text then all we need is the text column. If you need two different barcodes then we’ll need a column of data for each. So whatever data you need on your labels just lay out as per the above and we can print from it.

Finally, if you don’t want to set up the spreadsheet yourself then no problem, for a small charge we can set all this up for you. Please just send us your location data and we will advise the set up cost for you.

See our blog on label layout for layout ideas – How do I layout my location label blog link.

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